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  1. Suicide and the media

    just how many different effective ways of committing suicide are there? chances are if you successfully commit suicide someone's already done it before so it's a copycat suicide
  2. More Introvert or Extravert?

    i'm an INTJ as well :O 78% I, 50% N, 1% T, 11% J. as i took on the 19/09/09 anyway
  3. Kingdra (Update)

    i find in a rain dance team a hidden power electric works quite nicely on the mixdra over rain dance. it provides a higher base power than draco meteor does against gyarados and this helps in combating rest sleep talk gyarados than can stall with rest until you get -6 spatt. also you don't have...
  4. Masturbation

    that's not true. for some people it's against their religion to do it.
  5. help with math

    you may as well post it before this thread gets locked
  6. How did you create your username?

    setrack was my name on neopets back in the day. so i just use it wherever. i probably just made it up because it sounds cool
  7. What do you look for in a partner?

    empathetic, smart (well not like a total moron i mean), witty/makes me laugh. i suppose good looks are a nice "bonus" but it's not really something i seek to find. above all they just have to be a nice person
  8. Nuzlocke Challenge

    reminds me of the No PokeCenter challenge in rby. the rules were something like: No PokeCenter No healing through items (or moves or special people or whatever) No using items to gain pp No glitches basically you had to catch an army of slaves so as not to waste the health/pp of your main pokemon.
  9. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    looks like a hairy lucario
  10. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    i've been working hard on this so it should be good
  11. Smogon Tournament #6 Registrations

    i want to be IN
  12. Stage 3-2 Vote

    Garchomp - OU Latias - OU Manaphy - OU none of the suspects were broken at all. all ou
  13. Final Stage 3-2 Voters

    confirming as SETRACK and MILOTIC FAN21