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    Elastic Collision

    using my bump now
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    Elastic Collision

    Thanks! And yes, mixed Aegislash has been a little problematic (I haven't seen fully special in ages). I have to play around King's Shield, ensure it lacks Weakness Policy, figure out its third attack, and so on. Although if I can catch it switching into U-turn, Rotom-w can burn it after taking...
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    Elastic Collision

    Shaq here, and with my currently favorite team of Gen 6. I threw this together back when Bank had just come to NA, and in fact it was built ingame with Pokemon I already had. After a few wifi battles, I took it to PS to test it more and improve it, so as to have a finalized team ingame (don't...
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    VGC 14 Scrafty

    Just an fyi, Scrafty can't use Knock Off in VGC because it's a past gen tutor move, and all Pokemon must be bred/obtained in XY.
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    Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    Today while laddering, met Dark Pulse Heatran and Energy Ball Latios; two things I didn't recall being standard, and that Heatran contributed to my loss (I expected Latias to take anything, but then that showed up ;-;)
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    Pokémon Dragonite

    After watching discussion on Dragonite's new problem on Fairies, I wondered about MixNite with Weakness Policy being a thing. After playing with a lot, it is quite impressive with DD bringing the boost to +3, however bulky fairies have been a problem. After discussing awhile with friends, I'd...
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    Just a pic for confirmation that it does get it by egg move
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    shut ur whore mouth

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    you shut your whore mouth

    you shut your whore mouth
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    The Great Theories-- TR OU Peaked 1985 ACRE

    I didn't ladder, I played a few matches among friends and did rather well up until I faced a defensive Jirachi. I tried getting Conkeldurr in but it only managed one hit, so it was a misplay as well. I can practice a bit more, I guess, it's just I don't find Conkeldurr very good at taking out...
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    The Great Theories-- TR OU Peaked 1985 ACRE

    After using this team, it feels that it has no direct answer to opposing Jirachi, specifically the bulky sets abusing hax. The smallest change I can think of to fix it is to add Fire Punch to your own Jirachi. Given there's no room currently for the move, I would place it on Tyranitar, probably...