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  • ah, I can't clone. Hmmm. no problem bro. Then we trade it tomorrow ok? Its 3am here im gonna go bed soon. Send me a vm tomorrow =)
    erm, im sorry bro, I forgot one thing. I do not have any additional Water Stone to evovle it. The best I could give you is a flawless timid nasty plot Panpour. totally forgot I have no spare waterstones.... is that alright??
    Alright, I'm on it =) I will VM you once I've breed him. Just to double check,

    Timid Flawless Simipour With Nasty Plot, any Hidden Power preference? If you don't care about Hidden Power, I'm gonna go with 31/31/31/31/31/31.
    Yes, I can breed it with a Nasty Plot too. You can trade it anytime you are free. I will take a while to breed it though. As long as you don't change your mind or trade it with some other dude =D . It's quite a time invesment for me to breed it =)
    give me about 2 hour , I can breed you the timid flawless simipour. I wouldn't mind trading it for your Zoroak. Let me know if you want it, then I'll start the breeding.
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