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  • Hi ShinyAzelf, I have a Male Blastoise with the Egg Move Water Spout, would you like a copy?
    Its Timid 31/X/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70
    If youd like to breed your own since its a Male it will pass down the Egg Move Water Spout to the offspring, I cant clone so youll have to clone it and send a copy back, PM me if youd like it.
    LOL, I figured it was something like that when I saw that you had a joint thread. It's ok. So I'll have to try to get that Naive Shaymin later. I'm not sure when, but I'll give you a VM.
    Naw, it's a gift. You can have redis rights to it, but I don't know what a naughty Shaymin is worth to anyone here on Smogon.
    I'm going on now. I screwed up my frames and have to try again. Happens. I have an NPC in the area.
    Well, it turned out I hit my seed. I'll need a good twenty minutes to advance the frames and get my poke. I'll VM you as soon as my done. Sorry for the delay.
    Yes, we can. Give me five minutes. I'm on a timer. If I hit my seed, I'll be delayed, but I'll VM to tell you. Otherwise, I'll be on wifi in five minutes. You'll need to use my Platinum FC.
    Did you ever get your perfect ditto?

    Also, I have guides in my trade thread. Why don't you read through them and try an RNG project while reading them. The guides were written so that you can RNG while reading them.
    Ahh, i see. If he only answered my VM... It's ok. I'll try to get ahold of him before i leave.
    sure lemme give it to the people who asked before you ^^ did you want egg or hatched?
    Hi. Did you try posting on the simple requests thread for a perfect ditto? Just now, I'm too busy to trade because I'm saved in front of legendaries so I can RNG catch them. You may have better luck with another member.
    Hi.. Thanks for helping me out.. I'm really interested in competitive pokemon game play.. Its good you recommended me to join the site.. I will start to read posts here.. Thanks and have a nice day
    I was shocked when your milo outsped my aggron o_o. Never happened to me before lol.
    hmm what a strange coincidence...a person with the exact same nick as the dude on shoddy telling me he was no one on smogon...SELENA GOMEZ says HI
    sup. u remember me? my e-mail is if u have an instant messenger
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