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  • Lol anytime you want to trade.
    I can trade in... Maybe a half hour?
    You reply ro each users profile! You are getting the hanf of this!
    Ok, i can trade later today or all day tommorow!
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    So...all of the pokemon i requested for clones back, and some of my pokemon?
    I made this template myself.
    It helps if you respond to this in my profile, i can get bck to you easier.
    And the EQ Feraligtr is NFT, sorry!
    Oh, its says in your shop that you clone. huh. Yes, they ARE all flawless. It says so. Where do you get the templates for the pokemon, anyway? Oh, and Gastly and some others don't have max IVs. No, none of the WISH OT'd pokemon actually HAVE the move wish, its just their OT. Any of the ones that have Hidden Power had their IVs maxed out for that.
    Anyway, I want: EV'd Feraligatr(both versions, the EQ one and the LK one), agonists Pikachu, your EV'd Scizor, World Championship Weavile, ACE ZX's chansey, and thats all. I'm going to ask you to clone my pokes and send them back. Thats 6 pokemon, for a grand total of *drumroll* 12 pokemon. Ya know, you said in your want list that you wanted a shiny flawless jolly sneasel, and I happen to have one with fake out and ice punch.


    If these are all flawless, i would really like this!
    And if the Wish pokemon have the move wish, that would be awesome.
    Check my thread for what you want!
    No. Each individual pokemon need to have their IV's in. The mods are very adamant about that. And i guess if you bold and underline a group of pokemon, and clearly state that its theirs then that would work. I am interested in some of your pokemon actually. Check my shop in my sig. You can see what i did. And also check what you would like.
    I listed my sources, only about 3 of em. I also listed that ALL RNG'd pokes are flawless except bronzor(for gyro ball) and pokes maximized for Hidden Power. Do u think that works, or will i have to go in detail?
    I battled you once before i believe...
    Ah well. Nice to see another "neophyte" here. You know, ichrono, uuwarrior are here too.
    I made the switch cuz neo died out. Oh, and brw, you have to list IV's and where/who you got your pokemon. Otherwise you will get BL'd
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