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  • Hey, just wondering if you plan on keeping your Amoonguss/Morobareru analysis. If not, can I take it over?
    Yeah i suppose..But the thing is its not very hard to take down Ranky when its weakened because its slow as fuck and almost all offensive teams pack decently hard hitters to kill it at a weakened state (Such as Skymin/Rotom/Tar for Iconics team).Its more of an annoyance because youl almost never Ohk0 it and it will generally kill something off when you try to whittle down its Hp..But yeah still works i guess =p
    Regarding your reply in Iconics Team...Terakion can only do about 35-40%'ish dammage to CM Rankurusu so its not exactly even a decent check to that thing.
    I just felt a need to comment on the intro to your RMT, lol that is definitely one of my favourite songs and I'm glad that my good taste is rubbing off on SOMEBODY. I can't tell if you know that because of my recent RMT or if you simply inferred it by chance from my name, which would actually be pretty cool and a rather funny coincidence. I almost made my name Morrisey when I changed my name from Toxic Spork, the lead singer of the Smiths.
    the apprentis progrom hurts my head ... i would want to sighn up to see if im any good right , but on the other hand its like bleh
    lol I've never been there... they must think some pretty insane crap like hyper beam is DA BOMB on gyarados
    I'm kinda sad now lol they may delete it :/

    I worked hard on that thing
    Nice RMT you had there! I had one nitpick though, since you maxed out your Sheddy's Defense and HP I would make it a more stall oriented set, something a little like.
    Shedinja @ Flame Orb
    Impish Nature
    252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Def
    Wonder Guard - Only super effective attacks harm this Pokémon
    ~Rest / Toxic

    I'd recommend black sludge but that would violate the item clause, but here is the standard staller set. Sub up, and use dig and protect to stall, then rest to recover damage. The flame orb is a nasty trick to offensive pokemon (especially physical ones) looking to limit your walling with Trick.
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