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  • Hi there, I wanted to add you on the friend safari. MY 2 fc's are on the spreadsheet in the Friend safari thread. Let me know if this is ok or not.
    Cheers :)
    Hi, you have Togepi right? I have Dragonair, Fraxure, and Druddigon.
    My friend code is 4055-4028-2930, in-game name Gavin.
    Add me and pm me your friend code if you can.
    Perfect! I need a zone with Druddigon, I added your FC. Mine is 3496 - 9242 - 2643, I'll also PM you too :)!
    hi, i saw your safari on the spreadsheet and would like to add you :)
    my fc is 1650 - 1321 - 8142,
    ingame name is Connor
    and i have Absol Sneasel and Vullaby

    same info is on the spreadsheet but this is faster for you :P
    Really great player enjoyed playing our matches even though 1 had lasted over 45 minutes lol
    Recommend playing with him if you see him post! :D
    After a couple of recent battle against, pretty much just legendaries... please let me know before battling :)!
    Inbox me if you ever want to battle, I'm always available every Sunday EST. I will battle OU tiers and down.
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