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  • What is your current rate of ev training? (ie 3 ev training for 1 credit)
    Do you have people who you ev trained before?
    I can send them now, as well. I have the Togepi ready that I was talking about, as well. Again, you can keep a non-reids copy of all four of the Pokes you train, plus when you send them back fully trained, you get two credits in my thread. I'll PM you the specifics about each Poke, and go on WiFi right after that. Add my Soul Silver f.c.
    I ask for a UT version of everything people ev train. I dont have any clones of things that need to be ev trained right now.

    What were you interested in?
    why do you sound so surprised lol...
    each pokemon you ev train, you receive a credit.
    i would like to take up on your offer of ev training. my steelix with ev spreads of 252 hp/ 252 sp def and the rest in atk
    Alright there you go. To spread it put it as your lead then swithch it with other pokemon :D in your party. Be sure to do it fast. :D

    I canceled the first time to check if it had it :D
    yea, ill give you a nincada with it :D. Im ready now :D it only took one try this time :D yay.
    I've known it to be 12 hours, but like the others say, you can delay it.
    Just make sure you PC it or spread enough to be safe.
    HP: Verity Lakefront.Bidoof(common) , 1ev without or 10evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Attack:Route 222.(Vs Seeker)The Rich boy near the big patch of grass has Luxray,3 evs without or 14evs with Pkrs+P.item and The Fisherman closest to the Rich boy has 2 Gyarados,2 evs without or 12evs with Pkrs+P.item (x2)
    Or Route 209.Bibarel,(not common),2 evs without or 12evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Defense:Oreburg Mine.Geodude and Onix(very common),both 1ev without or 10evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Sp.Attack:Eterna Forest,Old Chateau.Gastly(100%), 1ev without or 10evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Sp.Defense:Route 223.Tentacruel(common) ,2 evs without or 12evs with Pkrs+P.item
    0r Mantyke(rare), 1ev without or 10evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Speed:Route 204-Inside the cave.Zubat, 1ev without or 10evs with Pkrs+P.item
    Sorry, but I need it done as soon as possible... Thanks for your offer though! If I ever need anything else EV'd, I'll be sure to ask you :]
    ok im on.
    and read Skippy the Great's reply to your pretty much says everything you need to know about pokerus
    put the poke with Pkrs in the first slot of your party and the the poke you want to infect in the second slot.Then kill some random wild pokes with your first poke.That should infect your second poke after 5-6 battles.

    So,will you go on wifi so i can give you the rotom you earned?
    4 hp/252 spatt/250 spe, so good i guess

    i also noticed rotom,didn't have Pokerus,so i guess i'll infect it for you.
    *And there's no way to tell which is the original and which the clone.Basically the 2 pokes are the same.
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