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  • i cant enter your giveaway but you should nickname that chimchar Monkey. its from Dexters Lab the super hero monkey was named MONKEY!! lol
    im only 1/2 way done so the ther 1/2 (roselia and duskull) will have natural but im already done with raikou and heracross.
    ok well i ran into a small bump about PKRS, i used a AR code to infect them with PKRS and im pretty certin that the PKRS isn't going to come off. So is it okay or do you want me to restart them with natural PKRS?
    Well, if you posted a picture that wasn't used in the giveaway, you won the Pokemon and Semi-redis rights.
    So you can do both.
    yeah i dont like vitamins its too dificult and hard >.> okay ill be there in 5 mins
    sure although can you switch something with aipom? i already have one :p and im only Eving for my project puposes
    hey im doing a mission to EV the whole poxedex and i saw your post in the simple request and i was wondering if you still needed EVing done?
    I'd like the ev'd versions of both koffing and charizard/charmander. Thanks again and see you on Sunday!
    Alright, would it be alright if I got darkchaos' staryu, zubat, and koffing? Also, I doubt this would be allowed, but could I also get your charizard? It'd be great to be able to get semi-redis on it, so I could offer you a choice of any of my pokemon in return. If you don't want to, that's alright too. Thanks!
    Six? That's extremely generous of you. I might take a bit to pick, and I need to eat pretty soon. Would it be alright if I got back to you in an hour or so?
    Sure, I actually prefer being called by my real name. I could trade now if you want. As for battling, I really love it, but I have no teams ready. I started a trade thread so I could hopefully get some pokes for my team.
    Np, thanks for the clones.

    BTW, those 2 that I traded you for the clones were Savs. So they were just meant to be trash pokemon. Hope you don't mind, lol.
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