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  1. Non-Politoed Rain Dance Team

    You may want another swift swimmer in there to abuse the rain. I would pick ludicolo.
  2. '10 in '11 - Round 1!!

    So, for the battles we just enter the wifi club and select the flat double battle rules?
  3. (OU) Ballin' and SandStallin'

    You may want a taunter to prevent setups. Somebody like jellicent or gliscor works.
  4. (OU) Ballin' and SandStallin'

    You have a good point, but in all honesty how many houndooms do you see these days? If its a huge problem, a mixape could fix it.
  5. (OU) Ballin' and SandStallin'

    Jellicent would wall volcarona to town. Plus elimnates a fighting weakness. So would hippowdon.
  6. (OU) Ballin' and SandStallin'

    Hippowdon is much more bulky than ttar and better for stalling. He can also set up with stockpile, phaze with roar, and cause a terrible time for unprepared teams. Set I would reccommend: Impish, leftovers. 176 HP / 84 Def / 248 SpD -stockpile -slack off -roar -earthquake/stone edge The last...
  7. '10 in '11 - Sign Ups!

    I'm in
  8. My first RMT (ParaFlinch Team)

    Could just use thunderpunch on jirachi instead of thunder wave. After all with serene grace theres a high probability of parlyz anyway. If youre looking to replace blissey, theres always chansey. She doesnt get quite as destroyed by physical attacks. Same movesets too as her evolution. rename...
  9. All-Weather team

    Well looks ok, you could certainly screw other weather teams over. Maybe make Jirachi able to abuse your weather ie. thunder instead of thunderpunch and blizzard instead of ice punch. mixed attacker basically. Would be fun to play with but I noticed 5/6 of your pokemon are weak to...
  10. OU team without weather!? Who does that?

    @Captain Dragan Yeah i kept playing with protect and its fine. This is by far my best team yet!
  11. OU team without weather!? Who does that?

    @Captain Dragan Actually, I tested the protect set and i might put SD in for it. He lacks any real power without it.
  12. OU team without weather!? Who does that?

    @Axmaster68 Thanks, now I look over my team and realize i have no bolts OR beams so porygon2 is great for that.. He also gets toxic. He lacks wish, but I guess he can make that up with offense. I'll update with him.
  13. The Dangers - An Anti-Meta Stall

    Espeon=better version of xatu
  14. OU team without weather!? Who does that?

    @Captain Dragan If I keep iron fist, I can put soul dew on Latias. So I'll do that I might just try out u-turn, but protect does make for a good opportunity to gain some lost damage. Also: is thunder wave or gyro ball better on ferrothorn?
  15. OU team without weather!? Who does that?

    @Captain Dragon: Gengar sounds like a terrific idea, levitate is definatly what I need. @Steeli: Donphan is also a good idea. He seems on par with gliscor. I haven't had a chance to test gliscor yet, but I'll definatly have to give donphan a go. They also have the same coverage moves. I'll have...