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  • I am not allowed to disclose, sorry. NMANDUDE is in charge now, so you'll have to take it up with him. You can tell him that I sent you, though.
    Hey, unfortunately there are some technical issues so you can't be re-invited just yet >_> but I cannot go into much detail.
    Just wanted to see how things were. I wanted to tell you more about your ban from BABA and make sure that you don't have some sort of vengeance, haha.

    I think it was sort of poorly handled, your (and theultrapikachu's) ban was only really discussed in you probably didn't see it. >_< The reason for your 1-week ban was because you were bumping up the old threads saying "worthless thread" which actually served to create more clutter.

    Your ban is only supposed to be a week, however. So you should be allowed back in soon. I will try to vouch for you two, to see if you will be allowed back in. I just hope that you use this as a learning experience, rather than as a reason to hate us.

    Dear member,

    Please note that the SSIS is officially restarting. We will be undergoing a reform of the group's structure to make it more appealing to the public. Please try to be active in the porcess of making the group better.

    -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    Put Lelz on the ignore list! We can continue until we actually ban him from the group!!
    Join This World Filled With Noobs


    Please join because that AWESOME HADOKEN took me forever to make c: basically I was trolling the troll by copying and pasting extremely large copypastas. And of course I have never done any of that, and again, I'm not 24, hehe.
    I will explain when this whole thing is over, okay? That's a promise :D

    BTW, I'm not 24, I'm only 16.
    I have asked you not to use that type of language, please edit your post or I will have to delete it and ban you from the group.
    Feel free to post your ideas in the Control Center.
    And Aero's been in conflict with TRC on and off for over 2 years. I have more than an idea of how you probably feel about them.
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