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  • Hey, we have to play against each other. I'm GMT+2 and you?
    What is your prefferd time? I can't play tomorrow and sunday, but on all the other days
    Hi I am your opponent for the VGC tournament. MY timezone is GMT -6 (American Central). I am free to play Friday 6pm-8pm, Monday 5pm-8pm, and if those days don't work, I will see if I can fit something in Saturday.
    Hey. My timezone is GMT. I can battle at the Monday 5pm time, but if you are free on Saturday between around 1pm-4pm your time, than would be preferable. If that time is not possible I'm fine with Monday though. Can you play on cart?
    Monday is better for me, and I would prefer to play on Showdown. I am looking forward to battling you then!
    OK, you ready?
    Hi I'm your opponent vgc tour.
    My timezone is JST (GMT+9), when can you play?

    I can battle following days JST.
    Monday 16th at 10PM ~ 17th 1AM,
    Tuesday 17th at 8PM ~ 18th 1AM,
    Wednesday 18th at 8AM ~ 10AM,
    Thursday 19th at 8AM ~ 10AM,
    Thursday 19th at 8PM ~ 20th 1AM,
    Friday 20th at 8AM ~ 10AM,
    Friday 20th at 8PM ~ 21th 1AM,
    and Sunday 22th 10PM ~ 23th 1AM.
    Hi. My timezone is UK, 9 hours behind you. I'm posting this at 9:15PM my time.
    I can play on Friday 20th 8PM - 1AM your time. I will send you a message on Friday.
    Could we play on cartridge?
    I cannot play on cart, sorry.
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