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  • Hey, I have two meeting times posted for next week, please look over those so that you can let me know which time works best for you. Also, I would really like to see the brochure you made if you could bring that.
    Please head over to the "Ideas for our club" discussion and say which Pokemon you would like to see in our crest, besides Reshiram, Zekrom or Ninetales. As those are for sure going to be on it. I would prefer a regular Pokemon and not a Legendary if you could...Thanks.

    We need these responses SOON as Brittanie is trying to finish up the crest so we can order shirts for the club.
    Holy cow...I did I just forgot about it. I'm really sorry. I will work on getting everything we have together for you. But, Brittanie has the crest, or at least what is done with it, so I need to get ahold of her and see if I can scan it and send it to you. Or, I could have her text it to you as well, I would just need your phone number.
    Hey there, hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow!!! We should be there for a while so you shouldn't have to worry about missing the first part due to your class.
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