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  • so anytime in the next 4-6 hrs? i can get on oriserver back right now if we can play it out. Falling asleep is a common thing i encounter in match scheduling. oh yeah dw, being tired is not stupidity
    hey what is your timezone anyway? if you are EST let's play 8am ur time (8am EST) to be precise
    with the date closing in i would like to be more precise now. Considering you are EST, idk your timezone. i think we can play around 8am for you. if not, saturday 9pm for you.
    weekend probably. im gmt+8 so around the morning if you are from america
    I have an exam on monday so I'll be studying for most of the days. How does around 4pm EST tomorrow sound?
    I can give you a more exact time the further into the week we go. I have an exam on friday and I have practice on saturday. We might be able to do it Saturday afternoon or evening. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for being so accommodating!
    This sunday is easier for me. I have dumb amounts of work until then. Also I'm having some technical issues with my PS! they shouldnt get in the way hopefully but i need to flesh them out so today isnt good for me :/
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