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  • Skullred, i have a honedge that loves ur id :/ (1965) can u hatch it for me, i have good iv/ rare egg move/items to give u in return
    hi, I have a nidoking and it matches up with your sv (1965) and that would be great if you could hatch it then trade it back. fc: 3067-5580-7298 text me at 1-661-742-7691
    If your SV number is 1965 could you help me hatch my egg please? My FC is 3754-7499-1153 IGN Heather. It would be so awesome of you! Just send me a message when and if you are available!
    Hi, are you SV number 1965? If so would you mind hatching an egg for me? My fc is 3282-2422-5796 IGN Mekare :) I would greatly appreciate it.
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