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  • Hi, I read some of your comments on the grenina thread, however I haven't seen the set you use! Could you please share the set you use? I currently have timid, protean 5iv greninja with maxed evs in sp atk and speed. I am not sure which stat you would prefer the last points in, and which item and 4 moves do you run? Thanks :) Can you please e-mail your reply to I don't come on here often. Thanks
    Yo, I put some damage calcs for Scald vs Surf vs Hydro Pump on the Greninja thread, if you wanna go look at them. I only used Heatran, but I'll post some more later. Also, I apologise if I struck any cords.
    But Garbodor has a great design; it's a rotting shark-faced dust-bunny golem with a metal skeleton. Everything about it is lovable :)

    I added your FC, but it seems the thread is closed and I can't post mine there. Please add me!

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