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  • Hello, we play for Draft League World Cup
    I'm GMT+2, should be available on weekdays after 6pm mine, or pretty much any reasonable time on weekends
    We have until Sunday May 5th to play, so lmk which specific day you'd like to play
    Have a nice one!
    We play for r8 of winter snnl, my discord is mrtimb88 if you would like to schedule there. I am EST, available tuesday/thursday, friday after 2, saturday not likely, sunday after a certain point. 8 pm till like midnight is usually always free any day (except this saturday)
    Saturday is highly unlikely, as is tomorrow, so really my best day to go is thursday preferably after 1 pm est until 5ish pm , or after 8 pm est. Friday should be free for the majority but I would like to know ahead of time for that. I am also able to go tonight if you would like
    Im +11 and work. I'm not playing midweek. Your evenings/nights are fine but they have to be Friday/Saturday night
    My friday should work, reach out to me on discord for an exact time that we can work out. mrtimb88 is my name on it.
    We play for draft winter seasonal R4, I am EST (-5) and would prefer playing after 7pm on Tues/Wed/Thurs but if you need earlier can do most weekday afternoons 1-5 while I am at work if we have to. I cannot do weekend unless you want to play late (in EST) on Sunday.
    we play for winter seasonal, my discord is silveryo if youd like to schedule there. Im gmt -5 and free on weekends and nights on week days
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