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  • Damn internet cut out. I will count that as a win to you if you want. Or you can change teams or we can just use the same teams and do the same moves.
    We're matched up for the Nonagon Tourney.

    When is a good time for you. I am fine for any time in the next 24 hours. If that is to early then I can't do it until friday. So let me know when you are online. I will be around the forum just not on shoddy.
    Hey, I saw your entry for wsc 33 and they're both very good. However, for your cacturne, you should outline the purple outline of cacturne's body parts with a slightly darker purple, as this gives a better aura-ish effect. That's also how rotom and haunter (iirc) are outlined
    Krillowatt will not be the submission. It's Krilowatt. People have their opinions, but seeing the multiple fail names, I would hate to add the exact word of Krill, and o, and an exact word of Watt. It won't be a big deal. I'll still get into the finals, probably. Were you going to vote it anyway? Haha
    congrats on winning the trivia! you should change your name back to shaymin flower though! shaymin is cuter ^__^
    yo skymin_flower i got your message, once you get to the screen you don't use your mouse you use the key board buttons. default setup in a=left s=down d=right w=up and just use one of the attacking buttons to select! glad i could help.
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