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  • idk if you remember me, but you tutored me a looooong time ago. Hope you're doing well. Hit me up if you're ever about
    apparently ur a legend :o
    oh lmao, the people in the lc discord were talking about you one day >_>
    ah, I used to play a lot of little cup back in the gen4/5 days. I haven't kept up to date with the current metagame though...
    We have to battle for the LC SPL farm league. When can you battle?
    Ah cool, i'm free all day tomorrow so I'll pop by at various times so hopefully we can get this done! :D
    Ok. Sounds good to me :]
    Ok. So we didn't get it done today. I didn't see you online at all today. I'm busy tomorrow, so we have to get this done Sunday. See you then.
    More Borderlands 2 DLC, level cap raised to 72.

    can you answer me if you can play on monday with dragomaster? around the time of this post i guess. let me know please
    yeah, he told me that he can play on the next monday if you can't do it earlier. so how about to play him 2 hours earlier than this post? he will be online on grotto, I guess
    he told me if you can play tomorrow 2 hours earlier than now. let me know.
    Hey, i havn't receveid pm sry, you forgot use "Send message to users even if they are not on your contact list." i think :/
    dunno about tomorrow as I'm going to be busy. However, I'll be ok on Monday, or maybe even tonight if I can come on.
    i hope so lol im p rusty in OU though ;_;

    i heard you're captaining UK is that right?
    Ouch how did that happen?

    I'm still in school getting through it slowly but surely. Classes filled up super fast for summer and I didn't get any for it :/

    Yeah I still do, best way to find me

    Obligatory lolmac
    Yeah sorta but it's been a while since we've talked let's not start it off like that

    How've you been?
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