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  • Thank you for replying,

    I figured out that I needed to change my username. Everything is fine now.
    Hey, I noticed you were having trouble logging onto our server. There isn't one specific password to log onto the Smogon server on PO, it just depends on the nickname you're using in the teambuilder. If the nickname you chose requires a password on login that isn't yours, it means someone else has claimed it. No worries; just choose a different nickname and load your team again. Make sure you register it to prevent it from being stolen while laddering.
    Sadly, I don't think I do atm. I recommend posting in the Quick / Simple Requests sticky in the Wi-Fi forum. Good luck!
    If you use this website and follow the steps it entails, you can get a Pokemon for free with Pokerus via GTS download into your game.
    Rofl, this guy. Current Activity: Viewing Member List.

    Hi. The link I provided is a dedicated forum for Wi-Fi battlers. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to trade with there. Good luck! :)
    Hey there, the best place to ask is here. It'll take some time for somebody to respond, but they'll be able to help you out better than I can :)
    I actually have quite a few, but my ds has been broken for quite awhile now unfortunately :(
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