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nfe overlord vooperToday at 9:20 PM
no one is better than snor bro

offler: never salty just correct

[20:07:15] Snorlax_in_the_way: if you're out of your mind how do you get back in
[20:09:22] +cbrevan: knock politely

[20:24:33] DrapionSwing: Cuz I'm ass

[20:24:34] DrapionSwing: hello?
[20:24:34] DrapionSwing: lol
[20:24:46] DrapionSwing: You are what you eat

DrapionSwing: Rumour has it every time I lose a mon because of a double switch
DrapionSwing: My forehead gets bigger
DrapionSwing: :x

[21:30:56] SHSP: the argument pinsir is good is basically
[21:31:09] SHSP: "people in CAP choke like the Falcons"
[21:31:23] SHSP: and play like the browns

Granny Pie: why does mollux take my team and fuck it with a spoon

[19:59:47] offler: i mean

[19:59:51] offler: last time we listend to viper
[19:59:53] offler: we lost TT

[00:39:37] Snorlax_in_the_way: i do by proxy
[00:41:15] +cbrevan: porxy?
[00:41:19] +cbrevan: literally a computer

Jenneon - Today at 4:04 PM

why the fuck would u lock into solar beam
Snorlax in the way - Today at 4:05 PM
its not
that terrible of a bad idea
pip - Today at 4:05 PM
i wouldnt lock this pokemon into the teambuilder if it had 80 spa

[17:47:03] fratty: howd do i actually ever lose
[17:47:20] fratty:
oh right my one weakness alcohol

☆The Penny Arcade: fun fact: every game I do starts off great then I choke so hard a lung comes out

+Airwind:Lol numbers are globally
who are the titans spl

cash god plplt: is my waiter fresh

cash god plplt: "no frozen"
cash god plplt: FUCK ME

+Drap I On Swing: I look like Jesus

Marjane: jesus had hair on his head

Snorlax_in_the_way: guys i know why we lost
Snorlax_in_the_way: we lost two games to give them a false sense of security
Snorlax_in_the_way: but it was out of three
+SHSP: shit.

offler: shit.

Snorlax_in_the_way: s o m e t h I n g n e w ?
S O M E T H I N G N E W?

@Henka: .roast Snorlax_in_the_way
*Sir Vivor:
If i wanted to die, I would climb to the top of Snorlax_in_the_way's ego and jump to their IQ

[18:20:58] +cbrevan: cause no way offler's been ghosting you
[18:21:03] +cbrevan:
i've seen you win some games before

+SHSP: snor can beat anyone and at the same time lose to someone with an ash team at 1000 on ladder

Krilothot: are u spreading lies
+DrapionSwing: Maybe I am
+DrapionSwing: Maybe I'm krillonot

☆offler: they call me stall master mc toxic

[12:37:35] fratty: life orb iron fist t punch/ i punch/ mash/ eq or sp
[12:37:47] fratty: bomb metagross never left

+Fratty: jesus hide that mon before snake gets on a climaxs
+Fratty: 5 speed

Snorlax_in_the_way: tall dark and incoherent
Snorlax_in_the_way: yeah drap

[18:24:02] Snorlax_in_the_way: did chillin

[18:24:03] Snorlax_in_the_way: ever leave ?
[18:24:11] SHSP: nah but his placings did

[22:49:21] • DrapionSwing drops of bike
[22:49:24] DrapionSwing: NIGGA MY KNEE
[22:49:27] DrapionSwing: GOD FUCKING DAMN IT
User DrapionSwing is offline.

[19:29] +offler: damn guess snor really was good
[19:30] +offler: first to 5
[19:30] +offler: for better player
[19:31] +SHSP: happy trails, snor
[19:36] %DrapionSwing: Snorlax_in_the_way won the battle!
[19:37] Sundar S: Rip Snor 2013-2018
[19:37] %DrapionSwing: I really made the hottest team of the century
[19:37] Sundar S: Heatah?
[19:37] +offler: guess i have to admit it

[19:37] +offler: Snor is better than me at Pokemon Showdown