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  • Look at your posts in GSC Viability, just because Chari is used well by 1 person (which is you, or maybe more), does not mean it is OU status. In fact (I learned this the hard way by trying to move Blissey down), GSC has the most "set-in-stone" tiers out of all of them. Also, why drop Vappy and Maro? I would much rather use those than Charizard. (I actually used it once) I'm not tryin' to offend you, but seriously.
    Lol. You don't offend me. And I wasn't a fan of having two waters on a team or two grounds. And vaporeon didn't contribute consistently enough for me. On the team i posted, i found charizard works the best in that spot from my experience and he works better with the team. The only team i've ever liked vaporeon on is Borat's 2004 team he posted in his guide. Idk y lol. She just worked better on that team for me. Im not saying thats a better team, it's probably not better than the latest one he posted, but she just seemed to do more on it for me
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