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  • ¿Que torneo es?¿El ExpoComic de Madrid?
    Mmm, si quieres me envias el .sav y te lo intento hacer yo el equipo, como quieras.

    Pues no se cuando jugaré, me imagino que dentro de poco, supongo que para este finde.

    Bueno me voy, que me tengo que ir xD
    Nos vemos, cya ^^
    Hi, we're opponents for rd. 1 of ST8. I'm GMT +1, when are you available to play?
    Thanks you Spaniard :D
    Well for the friendly, whenever you want, I'm very happy about my placement, we (with the second Matteo...) show how Italians can plays!
    See you...
    Well, in this period I'm studing a lot, I gave 3 exams last week and around the 10 July I have another 2 exams!
    Well this summer I'll spend my august in California, I'll be in San Diego of course for the Finals of the VGC world cup and then I'll spend some days in Los Angeles ;)
    When you are on, on msn, or here, contact me, just to have a friendly match :D
    Detect first turn, Trick Room ends. Take the EQ (55%) and use Drain Punch, hopefully restoring enough health to survive another EQ, then Crunch.
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