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  • Hey can I trade friend codes with you?

    I am needing a safari with Lampent in it.

    Here's my code:
    3DS FC: 1676-3964-7010 | IGN: Ryan | Safari Type: (Rock) Dwebble - Onix - ???
    How much will you mind if I call off the trade?

    I'll still make the trade if you really want it, but it'll have to be delayed even more...and I'm starting to regret accepting all the trade offers I was given.
    Those are excellent Goomy you offered. I'll be more then happy to make the trade.

    However, I can't really trade right now, so that'll have to remain pending until after Christmas, and you'll be able to get it sooner if you trade with someone else. I would really appreciate the support right now, but if you'd rather trade with someone who could give them to you then sooner, I can live without.
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