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  • I can RNg the Dialga's for you....let me know if you are interested.....Please understand I use an action replay for re-battle code purposes...I just wanted to make that clear..thanks
    The calm one? Sure, I'll CYT for it later. I have errands to run soon. xD
    Hi, sorry for the late response. I don't know if you have been helped with the banners or not already, but if not I can make them for you, but you'd have to wait a few weeks though; I have some holidays coming up in early September so I could get them done by then
    Awesome! I don't think I've seen you on IRC before (sorry if I'm mixed up on this or you use a different name >.>), but #OrangeIslands on SynIRC is a great place to get to know the community and just kick back and meet some cool peeps ^.^
    Usually, an LP for Nuzlocke goes in the Nuzlocke thread, Scramble in the Scramble, etc. However, I'm a big fan of LP's, so if it's something interesting (Deino hit the nail on the head with his LP, stuff like TPP's youtube videos, or any other fun media also works), then you can go ahead a make a new thread. If you do make a thread for a Let's Play, please keep your LP's all in that one thread for now (think of it like an art thread in Smeargle's). Also, if you do make a thread, make sure you see it to completion. I've seen several people start up and then do nothing, and I don't want that to become a trend ;-;

    Hope that helps ^.^
    Sure. I'll be available for the clone tomorrow though, since I'm going out right now and will get back home late at night.

    Btw, do you own a flashcart?
    I see... Just in this day and age of easy wondercard importing it's pretty easy to get suspicious about stuff like that.
    How are you getting all those wondercard events? A lot of them are quite old and they're from all over the world...
    Alrighty everything checks out! Good trading with you, If you want to do more let me know! Have a new batch of stuff coming in a few days along with all the Unovo roamers. Just got a Thundurus today :o
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