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    2015/16 Football/Soccer thread

    Man United probably put a release clause in his contract similar to what happened with Delph earlier this year. At least that way they get some form of payment. It works well for De Gea too - he gets a massive pay increase for a year and he won't have to suffer too much fan abuse. And yeah...
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    Project ORAS RU Victim of the Week V2, with enthusiasm!! (Week 77: Swords Dance Cacturne)

    Magmortar @ Leftovers Ability: Flame Body EVs: 252 HP / 24 Def / 232 SpA Modest Nature - Fire Blast - Focus Blast - Sleep Talk - Rest Phys def resttalk emboar and magneton are probly the best counters to sd escav but both have already gone. Any fire type with some sort of recovery can counter...
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    Tournament ORAS RU Battle Of The Week 3 (atomicllamas vs galbia)

    llamas, kinglernumeros, molk
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    2015/16 Football/Soccer thread

    Yeah it's a pretty ridiculous fee for a 19 year old who's only scored 11 goals in his career iirc. He has major potential but 36million is a huge gamble and puts a lot of pressure on Martial. As for the De Gea fiasco, I genuinely don't know why Real Madrid left it this late considering United...
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    Metagame NP: RU Stage 10: Your Makeup is Terrible

    Moth is obviously very good atm, I like the sub / sleep / buzz / qd set the best. Roost is cool too but sub has so much utility against slower squads vs. pkmn like mola. Plus sub + sleep is an easy strategy to exploit since there's a good chance you can get a boost and a free sub. My main ways...
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    2015/16 Football/Soccer thread

    Group A: Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Malmo - pretty straight forward here, Real just have more quality and depth than PSG while Shakhtar and Malmo are average compared to the other two. Group B: PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Wolfsburg - United are the...
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    Project ORAS RU Victim of the Week V2, with enthusiasm!! (Week 77: Swords Dance Cacturne)

    pelipper and mantine are the only real counters to this so here's a good check Druddigon @ Choice Band Ability: Rough Skin EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Outrage - Earthquake - Gunk Shot - Sucker Punch Takes one earth power and hits back with outrage or earthquake, both kill...
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    It's Hard to Make This Team In-Game [Peak at 89!]

    This is a solid spikes offense build that has good offensive and defensive synergy. Houndoom / virizion / melo / flygon is a nice attacking core and is supported well by qwilfish + esca on the defensive side. There are a few problems though. Mainly there is the lack of a tyrantrum switch in -...
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    Shitehead revisited

    Shitehead revisited
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    Sub QD Venomoth

    This team handles most things well defensively. Tangrowth + Aroma + Mlix gives you a stellar defensive backbone and gives you solid checks to pkmn like scrafty, tyrantrum and virizion. The use of Tangrowth here is good too, as it acts as a blanket check to multiple physical threats but also...
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    The RU Open IV - Sign-ups

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    we have to play for botw, I should be available from 9am - 9pm GMT+0 all this week so lmk when...

    we have to play for botw, I should be available from 9am - 9pm GMT+0 all this week so lmk when you're around. Also are we gonna do 3 serious battles or like 2 serious and one joke team? x_x
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    Defensive + JoltGon core

    jolteon / flygon / amoonguss / bronzong / jellicent / scrafty This seems like a pretty solid balanced team. Bronzong + jelli + amoong + flygon covers a lot of the metagame bar sigilyph. The former seems like a pretty tricky issue but you can play around it with scrafty and specs jolteon. The...
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    Going away for two weeks o.o

    Going away for two weeks o.o