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  • I'm on Kupo's server, will be there for 3 hours until about 12:30 AM my time though can be afk for like half an hour at some point
    Hey, do you wanna play our farm league match now? I'm on the Smogon Showdown server and on the Kupo's server if you want to battle.
    5 pm your time is 12 am my time so it's okay(did you misread +2 as +12 lol?), Thursday or Sunday work for me at that time. What server do you want to play on? I'm not usually on Showdown so you choose
    Hi, I'm your farm league opponent for week 2, I'm GMT +2 and am available after 6 pm my time almost any day, when do you want to play? Also, PO or Showdown? I personally prefer PO but I'm okay with playing on Showdown.
    Hey ssbbm,

    Just so you know, you don't have to make those preview surveys anymore.
    Instead, I will let helpers send me the following:

    1) 3 pics / youtube links of each girl
    2) A tinyurl of the google image search

    Easy enough :) Thanks and contact me with any questions.

    I know you've got exams and I respect that, just wanted to give you a heads up when you're free
    hi I'm your farm league opponent
    I'm pretty easy to work around timewise so yeah
    How's it coming along?

    I learned that rating scales are best to use, not textboxes. SO yeah. Where's the preview survey?
    Hi, just nitpicking but Zapdos will be at 46.5% after SR and not 56,5% according to your scenario [Suspect Thread].
    You've got vision, kid. I like that. I've thought of everything to do with this project, and we'll get there eventually dude.

    Could you create a surveymonkey account and learn to use it? (It's easy if you're competent with various UIs) Learn to create single textboxes and then force people to input numbers and answer questions. Try to re-create the surveys I posted.

    Good to have you on the team! Let me know of your progress and send me a test survey of your work!
    Excellent! What is your capacity? Survey making, showdown making, data collection, what is your fancy?
    All of the above would be nice.

    Also, I need you to be reliable and active, trustworthy and be good at following directions. Good?
    yeooo. we gotta play for round 2 of OST. im free this upcoming weekend (most likely) and my gmt is -5
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