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  1. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 28

    Hey guys, been a while since I was one here (and pokemon in general). Anyway, I've had a few Wonder Card pokemon sitting around unclaimed for a LONG time; 2012 Spring Zekrom, and Movie 14 Victini. So I would just like some opinions on what natures to go for. Thanks.
  2. Effective Combinations in the B/W Metagame

    Looks pretty good. Given the chance though, something like infernape could blow through this, but that's why you have 6 pokes not 3 per team I guess x]
  3. How to Argue and Start Discussion

    This part is apparently from the old version x/ otherwise, Good job! pretty informative =)
  4. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes [Trade Thread] [NOW REOPENED!!!]

    I've been inactive for about 4 months, but I've become more active during the last few weeks, and there are a lot of pokemon I now want (especially because I want to do wifi battles now) I'm reopening! I got rid of all my old pending trades, to start fresh again, but if there are any old...
  5. Something different! Updated!

    I didn't even know Landorous could LEARN Explosion O_o However, your thread is probably going to get locked unless you add some descriptions; otherwise, after all, it's hard to rate without knowing more about how your team works. I'd shoot for 1-2 paragraphs per poke. Good luck!
  6. hehe, sorry, CAPS were probably unessisary =S Welcome to smogon though, and don't feel bad...

    hehe, sorry, CAPS were probably unessisary =S Welcome to smogon though, and don't feel bad about you team, my first several teams were much worse than what you have....I don't think I put items on my first team pokemon....=/
  7. The Great 300: A 300 RNGs Milestone Giveaway

    Second method I guess. Squirtle (flawless+HP Electric) Gastly (flawless) Gastly (flawless+shiny) Horsea (flawless) Scyther (near flawless) Magikarp (near flawless, 2 different natures) Dratini (flawless) Smeargle (fl) Lavitar (fl) Slakoth (nearfl) Feebas (nearfl+ HP Grass) Feebas...
  8. Some Nasty Little Team with Many Weaknesses

    U-Turn is bug not grass =/ If you like having a Fire/Fighting type, why not Infernape instead of Emboar? Infernape is faster and has better SpA, making it a better wallbreaker IMO. The monkey has a lot of versitality, but one set I might recommend is: Infernape@ Life Orb Naive/Hasty ~...
  9. Run Brothers, your path is as joyful as a hero to victory!

    Nice battle, I've had a 5-1 comback with a Lucario in gen 4, and I was wondering just yesterday if it was still that good in B/W. Apparently so. Edit: HUGE facepalm, I don't know why the heck I said, it was a Valter quote, when I now remember it was Caellach who said it....I was up way to...
  10. Build that Core!

    ^Sounds cool. i don't have many ideas for a combo with hippowdon... Maybe Starmie or Jirachi (especially special defensive versions)?
  11. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark III: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    I'm trying to build a B/W OU team, but I'm having trouble finding were to began. Does anyone know of a uncommon pokemon that actually has good potential as a late game sweeper? Thanks.
  12. Phatty's High-Carb Restruant

    this for Smeargle? 103.2 lbs (as Blissey) OT: Kurt | ID No.: 61886 Nature: Bold | Ability: Natural Cure | Type: Normal Location: PokéTransfer Hidden Power: Dragon 68 IV: 31/4/31/31/31/31 EV: UT | Level: 5 Moves: Counter | Seismic Toss | Aromatherapy | Mimic Notes: Fully Redis 3gen bred...
  13. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes [Trade Thread] [NOW REOPENED!!!]

    @ - fcb12 - Sorry, I'm not interested. @ - Auron87 - Sorry, I'm not interested. @ - Phatty - Sure, I'll do that. @ - Bruno Magno - lol sure. @ - crazypippo92 - I like that Heatran. Do you know who that actual OT and what the trading rights are?
  14. Auron & Ruthless Trade Thread.

    Hi Auron, can you please CMT for this? OT: Auron ID No. 44847 Careful | Thick Fat | ♂ 31/31/31/0/31/14 Curse | Rest Available: UT lv 1 Non-Redis (My brother loves munchlax, and I want to give it to him =)
  15. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes [Trade Thread] [NOW REOPENED!!!]

    Updates! A few new shiny breeds... As well as this, a BP for Dela_Cruz EDIT: Oh cool! 777 views! Same number as the Harry Potter Books :naughty: (and repeated 3 times. Heck, 3 is a good number too)