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    SM OU Offensive Rain with one barely used Pokemon

    Have you considered Sash Alakazam over zoroark? Magic guard means you always have sash intact regardless of hazards and it can revenge all the above mons you mentioned except for MegaZam Alakazam @ Focus Sash Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Hasty Nature IVs: 0 Def - Counter...
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    SM OU Showdown OU Rain RMT

    So basically your friends turned your OG rain team into njnp rain
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    SM OU Charizard X Balance

    Why do u write flare blitz in the description but it's fire punch in the importable?
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    Move/Ability animations thread

    Can we have the old ice beam animation back. I loved the flow of ice stream of the old rather than the new literal beam
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    That's genius bro

    That's genius bro
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    SM OU Mega Pidgeot Squad (Balanced Offense)

    Your mew set is pretty outdated. Mew runs more defense now for medicham and Zygarde. Also I'd run ice beam over psychic to check Zygarde Here's the set Mew @ Leftovers Ability: Synchronize EVs: 240 HP / 72 Def / 140 SpD / 56 Spe Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Will-O-Wisp - Ice Beam - Roost -...
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    Sorry for that battle, I didn't realise I was still online

    Sorry for that battle, I didn't realise I was still online
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    Bruh it's just summer getting into my head

    Bruh it's just summer getting into my head
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    Announcement np: SM OU Suspect Process, Round 4 - The Robots - Metagrossite BANNED

    I feel the 4MSS argument is totally bull, with some good team building it can perfectly sum up its coverage and patch it's weaknesses for eg. Magnezone will allow it to forgo tpunch. Also Metagross finds itself spamming meteor mash anyway. Offensive teams struggle to take its STABs, the ones...
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    SM OU First team in 7 years. Bulky Offense

    Heart stamp is 60, you must have seen PP lol. But yeah heart stamp is bad. And discharge Zapdos is a legit set and discourages switch ins like ZardX and kyurem
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    Ya boi bodied this scumpasser Ez lmao

    Ya boi bodied this scumpasser Ez lmao