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  • ...Ha! Is that honestly your best attempt to insult me? Anime porn? Maybe it's the only thing YOU ever do so that you can blame me for anything because you're not smart enough to come up with a real comeback :P

    Seriously, go fuck yourself.
    O_O Im not whining. YOU ARE the one that asked me for a roulette battle mixed. You brought no NU/UUs, all OUs while I stuck to the rules. How is pokemon battles suppose to be fun when one party is using a WHOLE different tier, thus a whole different level than the other. Its like me bringing Legendaries ubbers to a Ou match.
    ummm is this ok? palika timid
    level 1 UT
    -scary face
    Fully redi
    Should have tild me the ou box rule. You told me we were doing nu uu ou mix roulette you pull out 50 of your ous together in to boxes. Nice brilliant. I still managed to take down two ou pokes . im proud of that.
    Still dont trust you. Whoa name calling now eh? No wonder that person doesn't fancy you. Bye.
    well i dont trust you anymore since you pulled out the ous that are used the most. I know you had a heatran somewhrre int here
    :) ill pass woth roulette its biased because you and i can choose which ever pokemon we like or that fits without the other person knowing. No more roulettes for me i think their duds.
    Ok ranting time...

    Consider for a second why you gave CLOVER Girl Pokémon. Could it have been
    A) You consider yourself a nice user
    B) You fancied their avatar
    C) Just because

    I don't know about you, but I'd say the correct answer is "B". I've seen quite a few threads like those asking for free Pokémon and not once have I seen a response from you like that. And quite frankly I think you were duped, if the avatar was a fat unattractive male, would have be so hasty to give over some Pokémon. Probably not, which is why I called you a tool in that VM you deleted.

    I may be a Senior in High School, but I can type correctly way better than you ever can :)
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