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  • Hi !
    We're paired for Barebones R2.
    When can you play ? Also I'm GMT+1 !

    (Do not hesitate to lurk for me on French Time server, PO)
    Is sometime on Sunday or Saturday good with you? I have some real life issues at the moment, so I definitely won't be able to play on weekdays.
    Hey, me again, i'm back in town now and am able to do the match now, how about 7 my time? (which is 8 yours if i do remember correctly)? (also, smogon server on pokemon online of course)
    You have to sign up like everyone else, or get free lessons for the price of one blowjob.
    lol well alright, this weekend is easter weekend and i am going out of town to go see some family, i should be back sunday night if that's good with you.
    Hey, i am ready to play whenever you are, i live in CST time (North America), and it's 5:19 (as of now), so if you can battle anytime tonight, just message me and we can set up a time, if not, how about tomorrow at 7 PM CST time?
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