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  • I haven't decided yet. Cherub Agent gave me his team that he used to make reqs though, and I'm 3-0 with it atm. so idk I might. I almost lost to some teeeeerrible hax last night tho, so I'm still pretty salty.
    I always used Adamant too, there was never anything special with Jolly imo
    Glad to hear! Did you use sub Ho-oh or fc? I have also had trouble to get Terrakion to work, since Genesect brings so much momentum. I also think standard E-killer is porbably better than CB Arceus.
    oh cool! Yeah feel free to pastebin it to me i'd love to give it a try! And you wouldn't owe me anything haha.
    Of course I remember. I was in the battle as a spectator. Seeing that set certainly made my day.
    I really do hope the VM you sent is intended as a joke...

    Leaving your selection of Fail Dragon (Rayquaza) aside (I still don't get why you suggest it when you hate it so much....), Chesto-Rest Blaziken is really not effective, Blaziken is so fragile that even neutral hits can bring it to death/ the verge of death. Furthermore, as you probably know, I personally dislike using Blaziken, where from my experience using it I feel that there are always better members such as Ho-Oh to replace it. Also, KFC is not going to work on a rain team...... why not replace it with a rain abuser like Omastar instead?

    Regarding Giratina-A, well that might work, but I'd rather use Giratina-O instead, 100 Base Special Attack is really too weak in Ubers in my opinion. Besides, Scarfed Giratina-A is really gimmicky in my opinion.

    I think scarfed Kyogre is fine. Timid Scarf Ogre can work as a great revenge killer at times.

    Anyway, lets not discuss this over VMing..... I'd much rather prefer if you PM instead or even better, find me on PS! to discuss....
    Hey :) and yeah i've tried it a bit and hail is pretty fun. If you haven't already made one i'll be on soon for a few hours :)
    oh shit, sweep made an account

    (I'm black of the bus on showdown lol)
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