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  • haha seems like everyone had the same idea as well. May I also get one of your adamant marills?
    FC: 1848-1790-8164 (Guru)
    Thank you for your time and let me know if there is something you need/want.
    Hey there, I'd love to get one of your awesome Marills! Do you still have one looking for a new home? :)
    I'd like to trade for one of those marills if you have any left :)

    5172-0938-7699 Nitaru
    I would Love one of those Marrils if you have any left! I have a few jammy things I can send in response.
    I too would love one of those Marrils, I'll think of something cool to give ya!
    In game name Chihiro, code 0275-7551-6359 !
    Like EVERYONE else here, I also would hugely appreciate one of those Belly Drum/Aqua Jet Marrills. I'm still playing through the game, but I can give you a shiny Poliwhirl or Basculin for one, if you like.
    Yo, anyway you'd want to trade for one of those fine azz marills you mentioned in the Azumarill thread?
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