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  • I "don't" think it matters all too much considering...but it's always safer to be on your bike :) It's rumoured that a pokemon following you might mess up your frames (not sure if it's been concretely confirmed though).

    Alternatively, if you have 3 roamers still out, you can just use that to verify your delay and not have to do the RNG outside of Lugia's cave. Either way works though :)

    Good luck ^_^
    Yeah, I can do that, but not this weekend. I'm only logging on to check e-mails and forum messages. Check in with me on Monday.
    My HG FC in my sig. I'll be on wifi shortly. I'm just putting an egg away. Then I'll get your FC added.
    I don't want anything for the ditto so bring something you don't mind gets released. Sorry for the delayed response. I wasn't at the desk all the time this morning, plus I also had my game saved for a breeding project. The project is done now. If you are still able to trade, I can do it now, otherwise we must wait until this evening, around 7 EST.
    I can, but not this weekend. My mom and dad are visiting and I'm too busy to stay on line long. Sorry.
    You trade the Pokemon to somebody that has a flaschart...a DS card that uses firmware on a microSD card to run ROMs.
    This owner has a Pokemon ROM and can do a trade with a retail cart; after that, the Pokemon is saved as a .pkm file and ran through the program.
    No, it's not a stupid question. I had similar one's myself and, to tell the truth, the answer often depends on who is answering. There are many opinions as to what is counted as hacks. In this case, since you have no other items in your pockets, most will say your single Soul Dew is a legit Soul Dew. But if you happened to have some AR Soul Dews in there as well, some would say you don't have a legit Soul Dew, since it went into a box with a bunch of non-legit ones. How can you tell which is legit any longer? Others don't care if it goes into the box with hacked ones because for the purposes of competitions and hack checks, you cannot tell the difference between one that the game produced when told to by a code or by game story line.
    Well, if you need it, I have a level 100 Haley Breloom with false swipe and spore. I can send it over if this catch doesn't work out.
    You still have to advance the frames to the correct frame, yes, but roamers are method 1 and a special case in that you must RNG before battling the Pokemon League Champion. Don't do the roamers until you have more experience with RNG.
    If you're searching your delay by roamers, be aware that some roamer positions match delays in a totally wrong second. So it's best to look at the delays closest to your target if searching with RNG Reporter lands you on something ridiculous. If you're using Elm calls, I'd ignore the wild match and try again.

    It's not unusual to have to work on getting one pokemon for more than a day when the delays are being difficult. You just keep trying. My recent Darkrai catched struggled itself to death once as well. I spent all last evening getting it and part of this morning.
    sometimes the wanted second and the delays are just so that any justment make it so that you enter the game a milisecond before the thecond you really wanted. when that happens, you get your wanted second add 60 (the extra minute), subtract the amount second timer and input the result in the first timer, try again and make the necessary adjustments as usual.
    I'm off to make supper, so if you need help on how to use seed finder to discover your adjacent, try the help thread. Good luck.
    No, you don't recalibrate your delay and seconds. You try to get into your game on your correct delay and seconds. You discover no elm responses. You immediately catch a pokemon and use the IVS or stats in seed finder to discover at what delay and seconds you did arrive in the game. The time you use in seed finder and the date you use are the same as the one you are using to RNG your pokemon.
    I wanted to let you know as well that there have been days where RNG Reporter seemed unable to give me results that had matches with elm or even the roamers. When this happens. I catch a seed pokemon and use it in Seed Finder. If you have an AR, any poke will do. If not, you should try to catch a level 50 pokemon that's easy to reach.
    Then start from the beginning. Re-confirm your times on seed to time. Reconfirm your delays on on seed to time and Pikatimer. Reconfirm the calibrated seconds and wanted seconds. If you have everything in there properly, a change in the DS minute does not cause a loss of elm responses.
    All I know is that every change of minute on the DS clock results in a one second difference landing in the game. If you adjust the wanted seconds on Pikatimer, you'll just screw up the results because you'll land on the wrong second again. So adjust the DS and keep all info on RNG Reporter and Pikatimer the same except for delay adjustments.
    That's not how it works. One minute on the DS results in a one second difference getting into the game.
    But are you sure you were on the wrong seconds? A skipped call wouldn'T tell you you were on a wrong seconds.
    PMs are ok if the message is too long for VM. It's just that I prefer to use VM. I can scroll back on a conversation very easily by VM, but PM gets messy fast.

    Change your DS minute for that delay and you should land on it correctly next time.
    No, you can't predict the skipped calls. You just have to phone Elm and fill in the results and hit ok to see if you landed on an adjacent. If you merely fainted your roamers, I strongly suggest you battle the Elite 4 to release them. You'll find it easier to see your delay if you have them.

    If you still have trouble getting onto an adjacent delay, then you really have to start your RNG from scratch, checking your seed, your dates, checking everything, and also re-saving in case there's something weird about your current save.
    It helps if you still have your Roamers. They help track your delay faster than elm calls and can't be fooled by NPCs.
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