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  • Mah boy Gengar is gonna be amazing Gen VI! (even w/o a mega evo) Also on the topic of gengar nice avatar
    I would say that that's probably your most impressive handmade avatar to date. The picture looks great and it goes well with the style your name is in.
    I know the feeling... I've had to cut down activity lately due to that. So, is this an exception, or are you going to be online more often now?
    Hey don't worry about it! I've been there. Parents are a drag. Whenever you're free, just let Gary and me know, and we can all skype.
    Where oh where has Tabuu gone :( We haven't talked in forever! Get on Skype and talk to Gary, Don, and me some time!
    if you like Big Bang you'll probably also like B2ST, and uh, you should also listen to Girls' Generation :)

    if you want to watch a really exciting drama (i guarantee u wont get bored), watch City Hunter!! Park Min Young is a goddess
    Oh god lol I messed the fuck up. Anyways, LO Latias is a bulky tank, and it's only for teams that need both an attacker and a counter to rain/sun. It's a tad weak, but it's bulk makes up for it. If your team just needs coverage and power, then use LO or Specs Latios.
    That team isn't easy to use, and it takes a bit of getting used to. Scarf Latias and Sub Salac Garchomp are something that you can't just sweep with right away. You probably wouldn't want to build a team with me then, because I often deviate from the norm and often times make teams that are hard to use right away.
    Toxicroak often times gets paralyzed or burned when trying to setup, and having Healing Wish to fully heal Croak is absolutely amazing. It can also help Politoed win the weather war if he's very low on health. Point is, she's not meant to hit hard. She's meant to cripple, support the team, and revenge kill the occasional Dragon/Breloom.
    Latias is purely meant to revenge kill Dragons and support the team, she is not meant to break walls by no means. She was put on the team to fuck with opposing walls and stall teams, which gave that team a LOT of problems. You probably didn't use Healing Wish, but that's another amazing thing about Scarf Latias.
    You're still doing SAT's? Damn. Anyways, I'd be willing to make a team with you eventually, but I have to wait for 2 whole weeks before I can post another one, and I don't really like to make an RMT back to back that much anyway. Ask False Sense if you're really itching to make a team. He's probably available.
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