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  • do ya think u could give me a bit of help?
    i have a serious anti-tr amoonguss weakness (and imprison-tr chandelure but that's just me being thick)
    any suggestions? it is a tr team i'm running
    rd team? yeah, i was at gamerbase too... just asking if you were the guy i beat in the top 8, i think...
    Hey, i met you at gamerbase, right? were you playing the RD team? and the guy who RHG'ed kinnys team for nats?
    anyway how are you?
    *lol lots of qusetions* :P
    My comp clock is wrong, I just found out, is it time to do the match right now? If it is, my PO name is Sirk.
    If it's alright let's wait until the appointed time (Unless you are unable to keep it). Thanks.
    Whoops, I didn't see that you were at GMT+1, not at +2. Anyway, would tomorrow at 13:00 (19:00 at GMT+1 I believe) work for you? Or is that too soon?
    I am at GMT-5, and I just submitted my team. Since there's a 7 hour difference between us, the best time might be like 15:00 for me (22:00 for you). Is that alright? Does it have to be today, or is there a specific deadline listed?
    I'm in Central, which is GMT-5. I'm usually free from 9 AM to Noon, which will be 3 PM to 6 PM your time. Does this work?
    hm ok, I'm GMT+11, are you be able to make it on a morning/early afternoon on one of your days off? If so that would probably be the best time for me since atm I'm always on late at night.
    Can you battle now? I have to leave in an hour, so it's either now or some other day I guess.
    Alright, it seems my options would be tomorrow around...2 PM PST, late afternoon Wednesday, or Mid to late afternoon Thursday. Any of these work for you?
    Alright, seeing as I am on break starting next week, I think it would be preferable to try to get this done some time early next week, since I am going out of town after Christmas. That fine with you?
    Hey we got matched up for ST7. I live in California, PST, and can battle most afternoons and nights. What times are you available to battle?
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