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  1. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    Replied! :)
  2. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    What would it be classified as and where should I post it?
  3. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    No worries Fruit Punch.. I pmed you.
  4. The Rising Storm...(Now taking BP's!)

    Hi there, this may sound silly but what is BP? It says you guys accept it...
  5. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    That's awesome man! :) Yeha im a sunny coast lad.. Im just hoping I can get this thing going.. I have no good pokemon to EV myself so yeah :( haha Im pretty desperate too do something with my time..
  6. Cleaning out box random giveaway!!!

    Could I possibly have one of or both if your willing of the exp shares.. Thanks :)
  7. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    Oh ok, I assumed it belonged in here, but thanks :)
  8. Down for the Count - A Trade Thread

    Would you by any chance have some ev projects for credits?
  9. TCskux's EV training giveaway.

    Hey guys, I recently finished the battle subway and finally got all the EV items.. sad part is I dont have any perfect or even decent IV's on my pokemon.. So I figured I would do this.. I understand I am not exactly well known on Smogon so all I can ask is for you to place your trust in me when...
  10. Metal & Red's Castle: A Joint Thread

    #531 Audino | ★ | Gender: Female Nature: [Relaxed] | Ability: [Healer] | Hatched @: [White Forest] OT: [Toya] | ID: [58278] | Date: [6/1/2011] IV's: [31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 0] | EV's: [UT] Notable Moves: [Wish] [Yawn] [Sweet Kiss] [Encore] Redis Rights: Non Redis | Cloning Method: [AR] | Cart...