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  • Although Manectric is somewhat frail, it should be able to easily deal with Magneton, assuming it isn't at +2 or higher (and why the fuck would you let it?), or if it's running HP Ground for some reason.

    Yeah, it's a bright moment in the album.
    Is Manectric NU? If so, it would be a pretty good switch-in to Magneton, with Lightningrod and Flamethrower.

    We shall. Although, we can agree that either album is better than the new EP
    Oh, yeah :c *facepalms* wow I'm stupid D: but that moveset would work. Idk about beating Magneton, you could run T-Wave over Toxic for it.

    Nope, still don't agree :p
    Seismic Toss-Softboiled-Heal Bell-Toxic/Thunder Wave. Or something like that.

    No, no D:
    70/48/65 defenses aren't the worst thing ever... (lol) it gets like 375 SpD with Eviolite, which isn't horrible with 344 max HP

    Pfft, Traced In Air is second best :p
    Well, it does have reliable recovery, and immunity to status, and passive damage. Although, its stats leave something to be desired.

    Most likely. One of the reasons why Focus is their best album at the moment.
    True, and it can run physically defensive as well.

    Maybe, I'm not quite sure. I feel as though the vocals are off as well.
    Hmm, doesn't Leafeon get Heal Bell as well? So it may not be too bad...

    I'm not really sure about the Cynic EP. It's not all that bad, but there seems to be something missing, and I can't put my finger on it :c
    Alomomola and Audino are really the only ones that provide good wish support though.
    true, although no recovery at all outside resttalk sucks. Are there any pokes for wish support in NU?
    true, although depending on the Magneton set, it can be trapped by another Magneton. Dugtrio is cool though. Shame both it and Swellow have piss-poor defense, although i think the strongest priority user is like Honchkrow with sucker punch or something gay like that.
    good point. i liked NU last gen, so it'll probably be more or less the same this gen. Also, i want to try Zwelious. Dat outrage man.

    i see

    and hush. :c
    i don't mind OU to much, especially if you add some mons from lower tiers into your team

    oh yeah, what about?

    yeah, it was, but i keep getting sidetracked. This duskull is being a pain in the ass, and is keeping me busy from listening and paying attention to music :c
    true. but anyway, alot of cool mon's in RU, which looks fun to me. So, I'll have to give it a shot at some point.

    no, most likely not. i think it got shot down fortunately, but i haven't taken a look at the poll results yet

    and hmm, I'll have to give it a listen then
    this is true, but it needs better base stat's tbh. if anything, more SpD.

    basically a bunch of idiots want to build five casinos in maine, claiming that it'd create jobs, and shit. Well, it would, but only while building it, and then after, there would only be a few new jobs actually created. Plus the state barely gets any of the revenue generated from the casinos, so all in all, it's a stupid idea. You want to gamble, go to Vegas.

    and ofc. Is it any good?
    yeah, i know what you mean. it'd be nice if it got a evo though, since Mawile is kinda cool

    i guess, i wanted to vote no on Maine's casino issue, since the whole thing is bullshit
    yeah, how was it? needs moar elemental punches for sheer force imo

    not too bad, finally got registered to vote yesterday, and i got a temporary job a while back, and made a fair amount of money off of it. and i learned how to rng abuse on emerald
    there are notable exceptions to my distaste towards modern prog, anglagard being one of them, but there is an overwhelming majority of crap
    wait when did you get two thousand posts didn't you have like three hundred or something
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