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  • Please head over to the "Ideas for our club" discussion and say which Pokemon you would like to see in our crest, besides Reshiram, Zekrom or Ninetales. As those are for sure going to be on it. I would prefer a regular Pokemon and not a Legendary if you could...Thanks.

    We need these responses SOON as Brittanie is trying to finish up the crest so we can order shirts for the club.
    Sean, you aren't being singled out, you just don't know the whole picture, I get sent PMs and emails from everyone in the group, and it isn't just you, that can be incredibly vague about when they/you are available or about what is going on to cause them/you to miss a meeting. Others in the club do it too. But thank you for letting me know for this week. However, I will need to know about the 31st-2nd because those are the days I will probably do the meeting.
    You can choose to come, or not to, that is up to you. But you have basically not been there for the past 5 meetings. I even made the meeting in the morning and had it extended into early afternoon so that you could make it. If you want to know what goes on, please start coming.

    BUT, we discussed the starting of the CWU club side of things and which Pokemon we would like on the crest. If you would like to have one you want, then please post that in the Ideas discussion.
    Yeah, good to hear. Have fun and hopefully you will have a bunch of new pokes to battle with as well!
    Please send me your schedule for next week, that way I can make sure to find a time that should work for you as well...the longer it takes to get your schedule the less likely it is that I can integrate it into the decision. Also, please VM, Visitor Message, me on my VM wall.
    Well hello there sir!! I am glad to finally see you here on this wonderful site. And thank you for joining the club.

    Also, how are the Eevee's coming? I am excited to battle you now!!
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