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  • I wanted that Oblivia Deoxys of yours for my shiny, timid Gengar with HP Fire (Life Orb Set).
    Yeah, and one day, I just might be using the ones I've collected in future battles. Maybe. :)

    I'm currently looking forward to building a Trick Room team, as I own a flawless Oblivia Heatran (barring speed IV, also with HP Grass, Ice, and Electric) and such. Not really sure exactly what I need, but we'll see.
    Hm, I see. Well, you do get some good competitive poke's here with the right trades, and that's what others are here for, like you, of course. I'm here for whatever, basically...looking for good flawless poke's. When I first started my thread, I only had a shiny bold Cresselia, flawless TRU Shaymin, flawless Jirachi, and a flawless TRU Arceus (I'm the OT of all of them). And look where I am now - with a huge load of poke's. :)
    Thanks :), and for some apparent reason, I haven't touched Shoody once...don't know why. As for the tutor program...well, I don't really have much to say about it, but it should be interesting for people like you. I don't even bother with it for the moment.
    Hm. I see. Well, up to this point, it's still rare. After a while, your Deoxys won't be so rare anymore because it's fully redis. =\

    Maybe if you made it semi-redis in the first place, you may attract more business that way.

    (Oh, and I realized a while back that I beat you by a day in 'who's the first to distribute a flawless Oblivia Deoxys'. :P)
    Hm, I see. Well, as far as I know, we're the only two to own a flawless Oblivia Deoxys, but anyway...I can't really stop you on your decisions - you do whatever you want with your poke's.
    Oh, hey...even though it's too late already, but maybe you probably should've made your Oblivia Deoxys semi-redis. I mean, Deoxys is pretty tough to beat in Guardian Signs, and can only be done in multiplayer...don't you think? =\

    Thought I'd give my two cents.
    To be honest, I really need to focus on my schoolwork. I will be back on in four hours. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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