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  • It depends if the user is a Rock type. I tend to allow Rock types to use any Rock move regardless of available materials, due to their whole body being made of rocks.
    Would you consider DQ'ing Glacier? This is a pain—none of my matches have moved in six days and I need a slot somewhere.
    @TrollFreak, I'm afraid that your check doesn't count towards the requisite amount of checks; ask around on IRC if you need a GP member to come in and confirm/recheck it.

    Sorry, thought you post when you check, i'm still new to this
    WHile I don't have enough experience with my new tablet to copy-paste my team yet, I will certaiinly gt my team to you tomorrow.

    THank you for your patience,
    don't worry about it - your check so far is amazing, and completely worth having to wait an extra day or so. terribly sorry about the total incoherence in some parts! I made some changes elsewhere on the site and didn't transfer them over correctly aaand didn't proofread carefully enough, I guess.

    also, I don't mind you making lots of prose edits :) this isnt exactly my best writing, or even mostly all my writing at all lol. so yeah, go nuts.

    one more thing though: it would make your changes way more obvious if you color coded them! if you find it too troublesome then here's a tip :p after you're done, go to notepad or something and replace all the with etc.

    hope that helped!
    Haha, that might be a bit much. I think I had 7 or 8 when I applied >.<

    As long as you keep getting stamped (which I don't doubt you will), you should do fine. They might make you take a test or something, but that shouldn't be a problem...
    Thanks in advance for the check on Lucario! Saw your post on Cherub Agent's wall - wow, I actually did not know that. So Moltres' means Moltres(es)'s (ie many Moltres involved) and Moltres's refers to belonging to one Moltres?
    Thanks for the check, mate. Not too shabby...

    Looks like we might be gettin' a new team member soon ^.^
    thanks, I'll be sure to look over that, but atm I've got a GPer checking it, so he'll probably catch it
    Sorry, had some problems with the Internet the last two days. How about tomorrow
    at about 12AM (GMT+1)?
    Fixed, Terrador. Sorry about that, I didn't know that there had been an update in Flash-Match rules (I've been used to just pokemon / calcs).
    I've been on IRC before for mafia games; I just don't get on Smogon's IRC very often. I assumed that that would qualify me, but, if it indeed does not, then I humbly bow out.
    Sorry about doing that to you. It's just I've been really impatient for some reason these past few days. Hopefully by Friday that'll clear up. I'd reaccept your challenge again but Spenstar already accepted mine.
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