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  • Heyy! I'm TheGr8's friend. I saw his warstory and I love your cosplay. :3 I'm a fan, what can I say. Welcome to Smogon btw! :D
    Yeah I feel the same way, I really love doubles. It's just much more interesting for me to play :3 the strats are better too!
    I really wish I did play competitively, I really started Dec 2010 playing pretty seriously. Then VGC completely changed it for me because I liked doubles wayyy more than singles :D I love the way you need to think one wrong move can cost you. It's an awesome way to play.
    I agree, it totally depends on the mon for me though. :p Some of them I love the sprites! I wish I played VGC as long as you have ):
    Yeah (: so awesome. Gold Arcanine. I'm not a big fan of Shiny Blastoise though. Regular Blastoise is awesome though. Everyone back then picked Charmander, I picked Bulbasaur and Squirtle!
    aweeeee yeah! I've loved Arcanine since RBY and It will always be my favorite ever, it go sucha gift in 5th gen with CC and my first shiny RNG was Growlithe with CC.
    haha I agree, but I just like it for some reason too! :D I like lesser loved mons though :D ya know.
    And it talks to you! :D kinda? :P Pikachu! I do like Pika though ! As you saw from my shirt and clip plush :D
    I swear that I had that one before! I just don't know where it could be though! :O sucha cool toy though!
    haha yeah when I had my North Face on, I had Growlithe sticking out that was before Master's started because him and Electivire were on the table with me during my matches :D
    haha! that woulda been funny to see that. Meh, idk but you were pretty chill to get to know you! So it was worth it! So I had my pikachu shirt and pikachu attached and everyone was like aweee Pikachu!
    Well yeah I know what you mean, well pretty much after that I was hanging out with you! :D It was actually wicked fun too! Since I knew a ton of people from here and what not.
    awhh thank you! :D It was really chill to hang out with you pretty much from Round 4 to 7. I was running around alot though :p
    I know :D and 15th overall with the two flights together. Thank you for cheering me on in the final few rounds! :D
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