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  • I went like 20 - 0 with that team. Props. Why can't we have a cat with a Sand Rush ;_;. Cats are fun too...
    1. That team is way too pro for me.

    2. My real life is cutting into my Smogon time.

    Reasons why I didn't rate the team.


    Lol i find it funnyhow one minute you have a massive ct then the next minute it simply says dog XD oh and i have been using your team on po btw it is very solid!
    Parts of what follows below were actually painful to write. However, because of the ongoing misinformation campaigns launched by The Great Mighty Doom and his torchbearers I feel it is my duty to write this. As I elaborate on that concept throughout this letter I will use only simple words and language so that even a child can understand my message. Yes, even a child should know that we could opt to sit back and let The Great Mighty Doom produce a large number of utterly hostile extravagancies, most fatuous indecencies, and, above all, the most louche blasphemies against everything that I hold most sacred and most dear. Most people, however, would argue that the cost in people's lives and self-esteem is an extremely high price to pay for such inaction on our part.

    "The Great Mighty Doom" has now become part of my vocabulary. Whenever I see someone burning The Great Mighty Doom's critics at the stake, I tell him or her to stop "The Great Mighty Doom-ing". He finds reality too difficult to swallow. Or maybe it just gets lost between the sports and entertainment pages. In either case, I recently informed The Great Mighty Doom that his loyalists disarm us morally, make us rootless and defenseless, and then destroy us. The Great Mighty Doom said he'd "look further into the matter"—well, not too much further. After all, he is completely gung-ho about sexism because he lacks more pressing soapbox issues.

    The Great Mighty Doom wants us to believe that cell-phone towers are in fact covert mind-control devices that use scalar waves to beam images into people's brains while they sleep. How stupid does he think we are? Perhaps the answer is best saved for another letter. Let me simply note that knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage. That's why it's important for you to know that The Great Mighty Doom's dream is to redefine success and obscure failure. Then, just to twist the knife a little, he'll parlay personal and political conspiracy theories into a multimillion-dollar financial empire. The Great Mighty Doom's stories about separatism are particularly ridden with errors and distortions, even leaving aside the concept's initial implausibility. The Great Mighty Doom just keeps on saying, "I don't give a [expletive deleted] about you. I just want to engulf reason and humanity within waves of credentialism and fear."

    The Great Mighty Doom's unforgiving rodomontades impact heavily on our security and survival. That's not something that we learn in school—though it should be. That's not something that we emote about while watching movies and TV shows—though it should be. What it is is something that tells us loudly and clearly that conclaves of The Great Mighty Doom's spin doctors have all the dissent found in a North Korean communist party meeting. That's why no one there will ever admit that I find The Great Mighty Doom the most mischievous person in the entire world. There's nothing controversial about that view. It's a fact, pure and simple. It was a fact long before anyone realized that The Great Mighty Doom is a serial exaggerator. If I were to be less kind, I'd say he's a liar. Either way, The Great Mighty Doom has been vandalizing our neighborhoods. If there were any semblance of decency left in his army of dictatorial leguleians that ought to be an affront to it. Sadly, that's a big "if"; we all know that I have no idea why The Great Mighty Doom believes that every featherless biped, regardless of intelligence, personal achievement, moral character, sense of responsibility, or sanity, should be given the power to promote his lubricious substitute for morality, which defines as disrespectful any attempt to fight him with everything we've got. Perhaps the thought popped into his head during omphaloskepsis. In any case, The Great Mighty Doom is good at one thing, and that's keeping his ulterior motives secret. Only a few initiates in the inner sanctum of his crime syndicate know that The Great Mighty Doom is planning to acquire public acceptance of his naive histrionics. Even fewer of these initiates know that the first thing we need to do is to get The Great Mighty Doom to admit that he has a problem. He should be counseled to recite the following:

    I, The Great Mighty Doom, am a jackbooted goof-off.
    I have been a participant in a giant scheme to cement the foundation of our currently metastasizing police state into the law of the land.
    I hereby admit my addiction to quislingism. I ask for the strength and wisdom to fight this addiction.
    Once The Great Mighty Doom realizes that he has a problem, maybe then he'll see that his propaganda factories continuously spew forth messages like, "Ebola, AIDS, mad-cow disease, and the hantavirus were intentionally bioengineered by parvanimous wantwits for the purpose of population reduction" and, "The Great Mighty Doom is a tireless protector of civil rights and civil liberties for all people". What they don't tell you, though, is that I'm at loggerheads with The Great Mighty Doom on at least one important issue. Namely, he argues that human life is expendable. I take the opposite position, that whenever I ponder over the meanings and implications of The Great Mighty Doom's perverted suggestions, I feel little peace. The mere mention of that fact guarantees that this letter will never get published in any mass-circulation periodical over which The Great Mighty Doom has any control. But that's inconsequential because The Great Mighty Doom has had some success in arousing inter-ethnic suspicion. I find that horrifying and frightening, but we all should have seen it coming. We all knew that The Great Mighty Doom likes thinking thoughts that aren't burdensome and that feel good. That's why once in a blue moon, which is still far too often, one encounters the lie that anyone who resists him deserves to be crushed. A quick way to refute this myth is to note that The Great Mighty Doom maintains that either power, politics, and privilege should prevail over the rule of law or that ethical responsibility is merely a trammel of earthbound mortals and should not be required of a demigod like him. The Great Mighty Doom denies any other possibility.

    The Great Mighty Doom claims that he is a man of peace. I, however, warrant that that's a load of crud. Yes, only vengeful faitours allege that he's irreplaceable and that nobody can do such a good job as he, but his ramblings are unspeakably termagant. I will now cite the proof of that statement. The proof begins with the observation that if The Great Mighty Doom's plan to force us to bow down low before conscienceless varmints is to be discouraged then the wisest course of action is to free people from the fetters of statism's poisonous embrace. Before we start down that road I ought to remind you that his communications are in conflict with accepted morality. That fact may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter. Finally, whatever your thoughts or feelings about The Great Mighty Doom are, I urge you to help me raise the quality of debate on issues surrounding his lewd litanies.

    Guns? Absence of religion? Lack of self esteem? Poor parenting? The entertainment industry? Who's to blame for The Great Mighty Doom's dirty warnings? Numerous professionals (and not-so-professionals) have speculated and mulled, publicly and privately, over what has caused The Great Mighty Doom to destroy our moral fiber. What follows is the story of how it can be so rich in the rhetoric of democracy and yet so poor in its implementation.
    It has been revealed that The Great Mighty Doom plans to exploit the feelings of charity and guilt that many people have over the plight of the homeless. First reaction yields that it wallows in its basest behavior. A little more thought leads to the more accurate conclusion that The Great Mighty Doom pompously claims that it has mystical powers of divination and prophecy. That sort of nonsense impresses many people, unfortunately. Many the things I've talked about in this letter are obvious. We all know they're true. But still it's necessary for us to say them, because The Great Mighty Doom's ignorant attempts to debunk myths often lead to the perpetuation of them.
    The purpose of this letter is to outline a plan to address the continued social injustice shown by careless guttersnipes. Before I begin, let me point out that The Great Mighty Doom drops the names of famous people whenever possible. That makes it sound smarter than it really is and obscures the fact that when people say that bigotry and hate are alive and well, they're right. And The Great Mighty Doom is to blame. The Great Mighty Doom appears to have a problem with common sense and logic. So don't feed me any phony baloney about how it answers to no one. That's just not true. Masochism is a weapon of isolationism. There, my ranting is finished.
    Yeah well blame my lack of time (and the ddos.) I'll eventually come back so don't worry n_n.
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