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  • good =D, get on council! make yourself more well known! get that checkmark! =D
    im probably n going to laddr much this round, expect me to be #1 the next xD
    smogon premier league is a tournament. if you post the warstory before this round is over i might risk getting counterteamed or stuff like that since i'll probably use the same team i used vs you against him.
    yeah. you can write it and post it, but can you post it only on monday? you know, spl issues
    I'll answer this instead of Faladran since he's on a break:

    "Hey, I have a question about the RMT forum, and I figured you'd be able to help me. I posted an RU RMT about a month ago, and that team has since been retired. That was also two RU stages ago. I was just wondering if it would be ok to post another one, thanks for your help!"

    Yes, since you can post a new RMT every 2 weeks, you are allowed to make a new one.
    Haha, wasn't a bother at all! I am glad you're enjoying yourself =D! Best of luck.
    Hey, for the Dark Horse Project, could you update your original Registration Form? That's the one that I actually keep tabs on. It's great to update the users in topic that you're changing, but it's not official until it's in the Registration Form. Thanks =D!
    Hey Batman
    It's crazy I saw one of my old RMTs (overload in RU v.2) and notice there was quite o people rating it after I forgo about it.
    So today I updated it and opened it back up.

    If you were interested can you go there? I asked for a good agrron or klinkklanknset.

    Thanks :-)
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