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  • Hi. I've been hosting a trade all this time, you just have to approach and talk to me.
    Bubble Head also has a trade with me, so I hope you'll be patient if you find me trading with someone else first. It won't be long, just two pokemon.
    Ok, that would be great. I'll see you on wifi. Use this FC 0733 0541 8805
    I managed to get the power items yesterday (I just changed my sig two minutes ago). So right now, I need master balls. I'm about to use one up on a Tornelos. I got stuck saved after the old woman spoke about him, so now I have no choice but to catch him on retail, and I'm sick of soft-resetting and using quick balls. So any master balls you can spare would be great.
    Sure I can send you over the timid ditto. Do you happen to have a spare master ball on gen 5 that you can send to me?

    I can trade with my ROM back up. FC 0733 0541 8805
    the flawless ditto you use as a parent to breed ? you have one right because i saw your tri-quad 31 stat pkm in the disscuss box
    excuse me TSK but can i borrow your ditto for 1 min,i can clone,i'll get it clone and give it back to you.No one can help me with the pokeshift and i want to breed on B/W :)
    It's on the Route left of the city housing the Ground Gym, where the cave that was blocked by a spider web is. You'll find it close to that cave on the right side of the map, you need to Surf to get there. You'll also need Strength and Flash inside the cave.
    excuse me, but I would love to know how to get to where you got Kobaruon, since I'm scratching my head can't figure out any way to get there...
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