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  • send me a vm when you get online or ping me on irc
    <woodchuck> !seen matter
    -ChanStat-01- Matter ( was last seen quitting for "Quit: ajax IRC Client" on Thu December 27 20:35:51 2012 UTC (16 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes ago)

    you clearly haven't been on for a while
    i'm at school during those times on weekdays... the only time we'd be able to play if you cannot stay on past 9 is at 9 pm on sunday, your time.
    ok honestly that vm was not helpful at all
    i'm going to be p busy until: sunday this week after 1 pm pst. maaaybe i'll be able to play with you earlier but i'm going to need to know what your availability/timezone is as well as your ps/irc username
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