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  • Oh, cool. I'd be curious to hear how the faster Scrafty works for you if you get to try it out.
    Repsonded. hopefully it makes sense. I didn't re-read it, haha - I'm in a fluster of trying to trade as fast as possible in threat of my impending final exam... @_@
    Aw man, that's awesome! Hopefully you can tell me about it soon. Sounds like you'll have a fighting chance in the tournament.
    Not tonight... I'm just gonna get some trades done and get offline as fast as possible. I have a final exam tomorrow I desperately need to focus on.
    Pretty good, pretty good. Keeping busy. Only a couple weeks until your VGC. Do you feel ready?
    I deleted a PM for you if you need it. (Sorry for making this such an inconvenient way to communicate, but it's the only option I can think of.. :/ )
    Yeah... it's pretty crazy sometimes.
    I'm trying really hard to stay nice to people too, but I didn't realize how hard that was when I'm trying to manage and optimize so many trades at once... Business-mode takes over sometimes. @_@

    Is your team treating you well?
    haha, sorry. I'll clear one so that you can respond, but I want to keep my inbox full so I don't get bombarded by PMs from people who want pokemon from me but don't want to post on the thread...
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