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  • NP bro, i have practice (dinner after) till about 9 your time. Id be happy to then, if not then we can do anytime on saturday.
    Sorry I wasn't there to answer this afternoon, but at the same time, my opponent for POCL shows up. I battled him, choked terribly, and had to do some school work afterwards. I'm really really sorry, but what about Friday same time?
    How do you know gamester? Are you Xclus|Zoro? Im just asking because i used to be in the #none clan. But yeah, ill be on then on thursday.
    Hey! Excellent to hear that, I'm GMT -6, but I'm a PO player, rather than a PS player. I guess I'll drop by a few times to see if you're on. Thursday should be no problem for me, I'll be on between 2-4 PM my team for sure, and most probably after that as well.
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