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  • I saw that you uploaded our battle that we had on YouTube. I kinda wished you didn't upload that battle because I played like COMPLETE SH** in that match. During the time of that match, I was having this bad luck streak where I would get 5-0'd or 4-0'd in a battle. It all started with Shofu smashing me 5-0 in a battle with VoltTurn and the streak went on for like 8 or 10 battles. I broke the funk not too long ago in a battle I had against NBZ, but I'm still losing here and there. And I'm not implying that you delete that video at all. You can keep it up there; it just wasn't the best battle to post up on YouTube and it was kinda mad haxy if my memory serves me well. And this little message reminds me of the time I uploaded a battle against some guy on PO who was using Drizzle & Swift Swim together & he told me to delete that video. I didn't because I convinced him REAL nicely that I wanted that video up. Anyways, best of luck in the future with battling.
    Sorry, I don't have a Skype :x

    I guess we'll just have to get lucky and see if we're both on!
    LC!!! I'm so glad there's someone else who likes LC :)

    Anyways, sorry, I can't battle now but if I ever can I'll VM you.
    Yo, good job peaking at #6 man :o. I've only peaked #8 myself, so you're definitely a really great battler!
    Hey Ragequitter, next time when you can't win, forfeit, dont DC like a noob
    Thanks, those are great descriptions! I would rate your team later in the weekend - g2g now :/
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