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    Ccccccc-ccombo breaker Caption blacked out!

    Ccccccc-ccombo breaker Caption blacked out!
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    Granbull [QC 0/3]

    So i take off the CB set and replace it with FLCL's offensive support and then slash bulk up with play rough right? so the moveset would be Rest/Sleeptalk/Play rough/bulk up ?
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    Project The Dark Horse Project

    Pokemon Showdown! Username: Hi it's Time Hall of Fame Standing: none Dark Horse Pokemon Currently Working With: Sandslash
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    Granbull [QC 0/3]

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    Tournament XY RU Minitour III: Where Are All the Good 'Mons? [Won By The Hitman]

    yeh im pretty sure anyone can join and.. IN
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    NU Primeape

    O i understand nevermind it would seem a bit redundant
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    NU Primeape

    You can also consider about Expert Belt to bluff as a Choice item for Other options
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    RU Stage 3 Suspect Voting

    Zoroark: Ban Yanmega: Ban
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    Granbull [QC 0/3]

    QC: Overview ######## -Granbull's typing and bulk with access to Intimidate make it a good check to Dark and Fighting types -Good movepool with good support moves and offensive movepool -Lack of reliable recovery -Great Counter to all fighting types in the meta Cleric ######## name: Cleric...
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    NU C&C Index (Reserve Analyses here)

    Can i reserve Granbull
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    Resource Ask a simple question get a simple answer: RU edition

    Just wondering what is bound to rise once theorectically Mega and Zoro are banned? are there going to be things from NU moving to RU?
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    Stinson :D sup

    Stinson :D sup
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    Metagame RU Stage 3: Alt Identification thread

    Identifying as Hi im time Thanks to Galbia, Stinson and Arikado :]
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    Based Bouff

    Based Bouff
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    Project XY RU Research Week #7

    Pokemon: Mesprit and Togetic alt: Hi It's Time After playing RU for a while, i decided to research about Mesprit and Togetic: I decided to make a team to try out Mesprit lead: Although i got rekt, this battle shows how useful Twave can be on Mesprit and also shows...